September 2012

Real-life Bambi

Uncanny resemblance to Disney's classic movie

We all remember Walt Disney's 1942 classic Bambi, a story about a young deer prince, his forest friends and their adventures. This image depicts a real-life 'Bambi' meeting two baby skunks, just as it occurs in the movie. Aww moment!

Unique chicken language

Recognize different chicken sounds

Chickens are an animal many people know to produce eggs for them to eat or even provide them with meat to eat. What many people do not know is that chickens have a very distinctive and in depth language all their own. Normally people will never hear this language unless they are exposed to chickens, but even then it can be hard to hear the chickens sounds because you are new to them and they may not make a sound until they are used to you. 

The first sound most people are familiar with is the cock-a-doodle-do. This sound typically comes from the rooster and will often be an alert sound to announce his presence to people, to sound an alarm of some type or even to show off for the ladies. If you do have a rooster, then you also know they will crow when something new is going on around them, for example a neighbor stopping by or friend coming over.