July 2012

Be a voice for the animals

Take a stand for those who cannot speak.

Whether you’re an animal lover, an animal rights activist, or simply a person who doesn’t want to stand by while fellow sentient beings suffer, see if any of the following actions are important to you. If they are, won’t you take a moment to click and sign on to a campaign and help those who cannot speak for themselves?

Help protect Spanish Greyhounds

Dog lovers, you know how much it breaks your heart when you hear about a dog being abandoned by his or her owners for whatever reason. After a grueling career as a hunting dog, many Spanish greyhounds are abandoned like this, leaving this ancient, loving breed of canine companion to a life of desolation, abuse, or death. The dogs are often seen abandoned and starving, begging for scraps after their owners have used them until their old age. Please click here to ask Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to help protect these noble dogs and prevent them from such suffering.