April 2012

New gecko discovery in Papua New Guinea

Think bumblebee


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love new animal discoveries and this little reptile is definitely worth more than just a little mention. He has been named Nactus kunan, which just happens to be the Nali translation to bumblebee. The remarkable colors along the back of this new lizard make black and yellow stripes, similar to the standard bumblebee.

The Nactus kunan is in gecko family, specifically the slender toed geckos. What makes the slender toed geckos different? The slender toed gecko doesn’t have the same toes as the geckos that are commonly found around the neighborhood and at times in the house. The most distinguishing point is that the slender toed geckos lack padded feet and therefore are unable to climb whereas the gecko that you have seen or at least are aware of is able to climb trees and even slick walls.

Animals Inside Out Exhibit is certain to be a huge hit

From the makers of Body Worlds comes another body exploration exhibit


The Body Worlds exhibitions have brought in one crowd after another for many years seeking knowledge and visual stimulation. They arrive with curiosity and interest to view the human body in its most naked form. The question is will the new Animal Inside Out exhibit bring the same curiosity with the same numbers?

I can see a large percentage of people wanting to view the inner workings of common animals. I do however wonder if that type of exhibit would interest people who see all animals as being beneath them. It’ll be interesting to see what level of curiosity the Animals Inside Out Exhibit ignites. I will say that you can count me in; I will be there as soon as it makes it over toward my little part of the world.