February 2012

Farm Animal Petition in progress to Prevent Antibiotic use

The ASPCA is asking for help to get petition signatures to stop antibiotic use in feeding

The ASPCA is attempting to receive 25,000 electronic signatures within the next 30 days to prevent antibiotic use on healthy farm animals. Antibiotics are being added into farm animal food for no other reason than to increase growth. This basically breaks down to providing animals medicine that they don’t need so that they can grow faster and larger which brings in quicker and more abundant meat products and therefore brings in a higher dollar amount.

Egg Factory Owner Walks Away

"...Leaving 50,000 Birds Locked Up and Starving "

Now here’s one for the outrage files: an egg factory owner walked away from his operation, citing feed costs, and left 50,000 chickens locked up with no food.  Evidently, the owner had been trying to get out of the business because he could not afford to feed the chickens, but instead of seeking a humane solution, he left them without access to food for more than two weeks.

What do your Animal Pictures Say about You?

Are you funny, sweet and kind or a little wild?

What kind of animal person are you? You can tell by looking at what kind of animal pics you look for the most. Some people go for cute animal pics, others search for funny animal pictures. There are actually many types of animal pictures that people look for and the Pictures that people look for tell a lot about them as an individual.

Scientists Discover New Legless Amphibians

Just as I write about the demise of one amphibian species, I discover that a brand new type of legless amphibian was found in India. The caecilians are unique branch of the amphibian family that on the surface look more like worms than frogs or toads.

Scientists took more than 250 soil samples in almost every part of India to find the animals and even then they had to look at the animals on a molecular level to decide if they were a new species. The amphibians definitely look creepy and am pretty sure wouldn’t win the cutest pet contest.

The animals live underground or under dead and dying leaves, making them difficult to spot. Their habitats are threatened by continued growth in the human population and slash and burn farming. This is farming where they tear down and burn part of a forest area to make room for a farm field.

Rabb's Frog Last Of Its Species

Most of the time a species dies in the wild with no one to care about it. The last existing specimens are killed in the wild or of natural causes and it's years before scientists get around to saying “hey, I think this frog is extinct.”


That's not so for the Rabb's fringed-limbed tree frog. The species was first discovered during a expedition to Panama in 2005. It's a very unassuming frog and with nothing terribly unique about it. It's just another frog species that lived in the wild. It went on the books and scientists kept a close eye on it.

Introducing a New Animal to the Herd

Most animals are intensely protective of their territory.  In the wild, this is a survival instinct, but when it comes to introducing a new animal into your family or herd, that protectiveness can be problematic.  Additionally, new animals may have health issues you are unaware of at first, so putting them in with existing animals can be dangerous.  Following some common sense rules can help keep everyone safe and stress free when a new animal comes home.

Houston Toad Prognosis Isn't Good

It's been a tough few years for the endangered Houston toad. Despite the efforts of biologists and conservationists, their numbers are dwindling and may not be able to recover. While mankind and industry has done their best to remove this animal from existence, it seems even Mother nature was against this toad's survival.


The state has gone through a significant drought and wild fires destroyed much of the frog's habitat, leading many scientists to fear the worse. They scoured areas hoping to hear the familiar chorus of croaks, but were met with silence. Luckily, a few weeks later, the toads were heard again and scientists were hopeful.

Incubating Eggs

Watching eggs hatch is like being witness to one of the world’s biggest miracles.  I don’t care how old you are or how much you’ve seen in your life, when you watch a little bundle of feathers break free from its imprisonment to spring forth into a new life, you will be touched.  Incubating eggs can be a fun and economical way to start your own flock of chickens or raise some more exotic birds.  The nice thing about birds like chickens is that they are able to eat on their own as soon as they hatch.

Those Unruly Goats

The best laid plans of animal caretakers often goes astray, as I learned this past week.  Last year, I bought a goat buck instead of paying for stud service from other farms.  Turns out, it is very difficult to keep a determined buck out of the does’ pen, even with good fencing.  Despite a couple of break-ins, I didn’t think the does were bred, so I put the buck in a couple of months later and expected to start seeing babies in March.