November 2011

Heritage Chicken Breeds

Heritage chickens are breeds of chickens who date back to earlier times, before industrial breeding and commercial chicken production became a heavy influence on the strains of chickens in the world.  Heritage chickens tend to be hardier, prettier and lower maintenance, but do not have the huge production their commercial counterparts would.  The following heritage breeds of chickens are among the most popular, and are a great place to start if you would like to begin raising chickens for meat or eggs.

Princeton University Caught on Tape

Princeton University has been caught on tape by an unnamed whistleblower. The tape and eyewitness accounts describe unethical mistreatment of animals including death. Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) is planning to air a 30 second long commercial that will depict the level of abuse that Princeton delivers to animals under the name of science.

There had been plans to air the commercial on several major networks however, the air dates have been delayed due to network legal issues.

Heritage or Hybrid: What is the Difference?

If you are considering getting farm animals, you may have heard some breeds described as heritage and others described as hybrid.  Simply put, a heritage breed is from original stock and can date back to long before industrial agriculture took over much of the breeding of these farm animals.  Today, many of the heritage breeds pioneers raised have gone extinct, and many more are on the way toward eradication.  For this reason, many urban homesteaders and small farms are choosing to raise heritage breeds to help preserve these pieces of our history.

Elephant Ride Memories get Tarnished

lack of professional handling damage childhood memories


Animal activists groups will be asking the San Diego County Fair governing board to extinguish all business relationships with Have Trunk will Travel of Perris. Have Trunk will Travel is known for their animal cruelty that is portrayed in a video taken during elephant training. At one point in this video, one of the trainers spoke out, “Don’t you be takin’ pictures of me hookin’ on them.” This was a video taken that trainers were aware of, it only leads to speculation as to how severe the animal abuse would have become, had there been no cameras present.



Chickens Have Feelings Too

Something I think many Americans overlook, either through ignorance or by choice, is the plight of chickens in commercial egg laying operations.  Though it has been discussed a few times on national news, this issue does not get the attention it deserves.  If people really opened their eyes to the deplorable conditions commercial chickens endure, the egg business as we know it would cease to exist.

Total Confinement
Chickens in commercial operations are not allowed to move around.  It was not too long ago that chickens’ feet were nailed down so they would not move at all.  Now, they are kept in “batteries”, with 1-3 hens confined in a space barely large enough to stand up in.  Food and water are sent down an assembly line to the chickens.  They never see the light of day, never get to move around, and don’t experience any of the things chickens are meant to experience, such as foraging for food, raising a brood or even taking more than one unencumbered step.

What Is a Doodle Dog?

"One advantage to crossing two pure breed dogs is you introduce more genetic diversity "

For the past few months, I've been hearing about a new breed of dogs called "doodles." Then recently, a proud doodle owner was passing around photos of his "golden doodle" in the coffee shop where I frequent. It was awfully cute and to me looked kind of like a Poodle on stilts. The legs just seem almost too long for its boxy poodle body. The next day I ran into a doodle in the park. They seem to gaining popularity fast.


So what is a "doodle" dog exactly?


Well, it turns out there are two main types of doodle dogs:


1. The Golden Doodle which is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It is sometimes written as one word, "Goldendoodle."


2. The Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.


The original reason these dogs were bred was to produce an intelligent service dog (needs to be larger than a Poodle) that is non-allergic like Poodles.

Animal Hoarding on the Rise

"Many animals that have been rescued have been found to have infections from injuries that have remained untreated"

97 animals rescued, 150 cats found some dead others sick, 34 dogs confiscated; these are common headlines that you have probably read numerous times. Often the rescued animals are able to be nurtured back to good health and adopted out, unfortunately more often than not they don't make it. Like me you're probably often left wondering why and how people manage to get in a position to make these animals suffer.

Animal hoarders in general are loving people who just want to help, sadly they don't realize that by helping they're actually hurting in more ways than one. Animals that are kept in hoarding conditions are often malnourished, some even on the brink of starvation.  Many animals that have been rescued have been found to have infections from injuries that have remained untreated; often a result of being unable to afford treatment or in some cases the owners are unaware of the injury. Some animals have been known to develop behavior problems; a result of overcrowded conditions and lack of human companionship.