October 2011

Why We Should Legalize Horse Slaughterhouses Again

"Now, instead of being put down in one quick motion, horses are left to suffer and starve to death"

For many years, horses that are sick, old, or otherwise unwanted were sent to slaughterhouses.  When I was a teenager, you based the price of a horse on the minimum it would get at a slaughterhouse.  This didn't mean the horse would go there if it didn't sell, but it was a reasonable minimum to begin with.

There have definitely been some major issues with how equine slaughterhouses are operated in this country.  I remember being horrified at a documentary depicting the horrible abuses horses bound for slaughter endured.  This should never have been allowed, nor should it ever be again.  It is completely possible to humanely care for and slaughter a horse both on the way to and during slaughter.  Anyone who hunts or raises their own meat (our ancestors, for example) can attest to that.

Black Cat Fever


                   With Halloween just around the corner I thought we could all use a little fun by revisiting past and current black cat superstitions. There are many superstitions and they differ quite a bit depending on their country of origin. The history of the black cat is mesmerizing to say the least.

Why is Spaying So Expensive?

"many people simply cannot afford such exorbitant prices to spay their dogs"

My two dogs are not spayed.  This is not because I believe they should be intact, necessarily, but because the cost of spaying them is so darned prohibitive.  We have a fenced yard out in the country, so we are able to control access to them by other dogs, thankfully, but even in the city I am not certain I could spay them.

We had dogs a few years ago that we took in to be spayed and have their dew claws removed.  There were just two dogs, one weighing 10 pounds and the other about 30.  I am told the cost of spaying depends on their weights, but these were not large dogs by any means.  The total cost for those two services?  A whopping $500.  I was appalled, to say the least.  In a procedure that takes very little time and is completely standard, I can see no reason for such ridiculous charges.

Bill HR 2714 Would Allow the Sale of Sea Otter Pelts

Highly controversial bill brings up environmental and ethical concerns.

HR 2714, a bill introduced by Congressman Don Young from Alaska, would allow for the export of sea otter pelts that Alaskan native peoples are allowed to take through their subsistence hunting for sea otter meat. It would also allow the export of crafts, clothing, and artwork made from these pelts.

As playful and acrobatic as kittens, sea otters win the hearts of everyone who watches them frolic in the ocean. They are a huge draw for ecotourism and the locals treasure them as well. Overall, they are a boon for the local economies.

Sea otters have the densed fur of any mammal on Earth and were much prized by hunters in the 1800's and earlier. In fact, they were they were hunted to near extinction across much of their geographic range which is one reason environmentalists and others who love sea otters move so actively to protect them.