September 2011

Awkward Ginger Seal Shunned By Family


Don't you hate it when adorable critters are unspeakably mean? You want to love ducks and then you find out they're busy spending way too much of their time raping their womenducks. And monkeys are shockingly violent, and adorable cheetah cubs kill and eat adorable baby antelope. The circle of life can get brutal.

Turns out it's bad news to be born a ginger even if you're a seal. An unusually colored pup born on Russia's Tyuleniy Island had been cast out from his colony and left to starve when he was spotted by photographer Anatoly Strakhov, who found the little guy hiding under a pile of logs. The red in his fur comes from a build-up of iron. The mutation is not unheard of--a large colony of red seals lives in San Francisco, a city which apparently tends to serve as refuge for a few kinds of outcast.