Egg Factory Owner Walks Away

Egg Factory Owner Walks Away

"...Leaving 50,000 Birds Locked Up and Starving "

Now here’s one for the outrage files: an egg factory owner walked away from his operation, citing feed costs, and left 50,000 chickens locked up with no food.  Evidently, the owner had been trying to get out of the business because he could not afford to feed the chickens, but instead of seeking a humane solution, he left them without access to food for more than two weeks.

A tip led authorities to the egg factory (I shudder to even write the words “egg factory”), where one-third of the chickens were dead from starvation, and many more had to be put down.  The survivors were taken to several animal rescue centers and are finally experiencing what life is like as a chicken, seeing the sun and walking, instead of being caged up for their entire lives.

I don’t even like to read stories like this.  They are so heart-wrenching, but worst of all, seem to be without end.  As long as we pay for eggs at the store, we encourage this type of abuse and torture, saying it’s okay to confine birds in small cages with no concern for their health or happiness, all for an over-easy on Sunday morning.

The only way stories like this will go away is if we begin supporting our local farmers again, spending our money where it matters – on quality food provided by happy, healthy animals.  While it is ultimately on this owner to be responsible for the torture of those chickens, we have to shoulder some of the responsibility too, because we have paid to support this time of farming for years.