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Farm Animal Petition in progress to Prevent Antibiotic use

The ASPCA is asking for help to get petition signatures to stop antibiotic use in feeding

The ASPCA is attempting to receive 25,000 electronic signatures within the next 30 days to prevent antibiotic use on healthy farm animals. Antibiotics are being added into farm animal food for no other reason than to increase growth. This basically breaks down to providing animals medicine that they don’t need so that they can grow faster and larger which brings in quicker and more abundant meat products and therefore brings in a higher dollar amount.

This misuse of animal based antibiotics isn’t only threatening the health and welfare of farm animals, it is also a threat to humans, as many of these antibiotics are being transfer through food consumption. The problem with an overabundance of antibiotics is that the body can build up an antibiotic resistance over time and antibiotics will fail to work when they’re needed. The end result of antibiotics not working right in times of need can lead to severe health problems, just imagine be deathly ill and having completely useless medicine.

If you would like to sign this petition you can follow instructions at the ASPCA website, which also has further information on this growing problem. If you want to sign and bypass the ASPCA, then you can register at the White House and then sign the actual petition on the petition page. I’m not usually one to pass petitions along, however I felt this one was worth a mention for not only the sake of the animals, also the sake of our friends, our love ones, our children and our elderly.