Winter Animal fashion Show

Winter Animal fashion Show

An Outfit for every animal

Animals like to be pretty too. So everyone go grab your pets so they can get a quick glimpse of the hottest winter animal fashions. I can’t guarantee that’ll you’ll get to see Armani, though I can promise that you’ll be amazed at the stylish fashions that these top animal models have turned into utter cuteness.

For the mature animal that's seeking sophistication and elegance we have three gorgeous geese. These little darlings are dressed in southern bell styled gowns with a matching hat. This outfit is perfect for all day wear, suitable for a stroll through the park or a night cap in the courtyard. 


For those animals looking for a simplistic ensemble that shows their patriotic side we have a gorgeous hound with an American flag hat and matching bandana scarf. This outfit requires minimal and can be worn to any event day or night.


Sometimes animals just need to show their Hollywood style. When such occasions arise they can be dressed in the star studded selection. This particular little pooch is dress in a sleek pink jacket, denim mini skirt, pink tinted glasses, matching booties and a selection of fashion accessories.


With winter in full swing and Christmas just around the corner we had to include the best animal holiday wear. There’re two styles, a simple elf hat or a full Santa suit. Either one is equally adorable and will help any animal share their Holiday Cheer.

All of these outfits are cute to say the least. If I really had to pick one favorite I'd have to say that the pink dresses worn by three geese would be it with the Christmas clad cats in a close second. My actual cats will never wear such cute clothes, it's a true struggle just to get and keep a collar on.