Slash, Betty White Star In Amphibian Commercials

Slash, Betty White Star In Amphibian Commercials

Former Gun’s and Roses guitarist Slash and television legend Betty White may seem like strange bed fellows…there’s an image not going away anytime soon… but they have teamed up to give a little extra promotion to the Los Angeles Zoo’s Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles exhibit coming soon.

White has been avid supporter of animals for decades and apparently Slash has soft spot as well. He is on the board of the wildlife center and has made many contributions. The duo have already shot several commercials for the zoo and they are as funny as the might sound.

The L.A.I.R. exhibit is set to feature more than 60 species of the animals and set to open on March 9. It’s not unusual for television and music stars to put their famous faces on commercials for their charities of choice, but it is the pairing of these unique icons that makes it worth noting.

White started out being the small screen vamp in television shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show before showing her softer side as Rose in The Golden Girls. While never truly out of the lime light, her star began to rise quickly again the last few years with high profile roles in several movies and a Facebook petition to have her host Saturday Night Live.

Slash has long been considered one of the greatest and most flamboyant guitarists in music history. He’s stayed busy since GNR broke up and his feud with Axel Rose continues to this day.