Should Woolly Mammoth's be Cloned?

Should Woolly Mammoth's be Cloned?

Even though I will never see them, I believe they belong in their own time

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same old animals in every zoo? Have you secretly been waiting to find a zoo that has something new and exciting? If so your wish just may come true.

Recently zoo scientist and researchers came together to discuss the possibility of zoo’s in the future and among other ideas was the recent topic of cloning prehistoric animals. To be exact, the Woolly Mammoth which died off over 10,000 years ago is on the top of the list and just may appear in future zoos. I can’t deny that there is a huge part of me that would love to see such a magnificent animal, however there’s also a large part of me that just can’t imagine that animal in captivity.

Certainly it’s the fact of the magnitude of the woolly mammoth that makes its captivity so incredibly wrong. The Woolly mammoth was an average of 10.5ft at shoulder height and they are commonly compared to the elephants of today with an average height between 9ft and 10.5ft dependent on species and sex. There are however other differences such as the fact that a Woolly Mammoth had twirled tusk that have been measured to 16ft whereas the longest tusk measured on an African Elephant was 10 ft.

The question is, should the Woolly Mammoth be brought back for the mere purpose of curiosity and of course zoo ticket sales? I would have to say no, and believe me I would love to actually see this animal moving and breathing. Regardless of my own desire to see this animal, it has already become extinct and it no longer belongs in this world.