Put a Little Emotion into It

Put a Little Emotion into It

A lot of people get into raising animals for the money, which is why puppy mills abound and less than stellar animals are being sold with increasing frequency.  Just like industrial food, where cows and chickens are treated like machines, the main concern tends to be about increasing the bottom line, forgetting that animals are living beings, capable of pain, fear and emotions. 

Raising animals can be a great way to make a little extra income, and certainly you want to have the best animals in order to make a good income.  When it comes time to decide which animals make the best breeding stock, however, it needn’t only be about conformation, health and other physical factors. 

Just because your favorite puppy does not have absolutely perfect conformation or has a speck of color that disqualifies him from showing, doesn’t mean you cannot keep and use that animal in your breeding program.

If all of us who raise animals put a little emotion into our decisions, relying a little on that old human instinct to help us make decisions, we might end up with a better strain of animals than if we rely completely on following a specific set of rules to turn our animals into cookie cutter examples of the breed.

So next time common sense tells you to cull an animal from your breeding program, put a little emotion into your decision and let your instincts guide the way.  Perfection rarely comes from the outside, but rather from the intangible benefits an animal has to offer us.