Preventing Chewed up Cords

Preventing Chewed up Cords

A little patience and a little diversion is all you need.

Does your cat chew up computer cords? This was an all too common problem within my household, only it didn't stop with cord chewing. It went onto anything in any way similar to a cord.

I had returned home one day only to suddenly realize that my fish tank was no longer bubbling. Naturally I thought it may have been my pump. To my surprise, the airlines going into the fish tank had a whole bunch of little tiny teeth holes.


If this is a problem that you can relate to, then I have a few suggestions that may help. There's a great website that I have referred to a few times in the past to combat many common animal problems such as clawing, a problem many cat lovers have faced at some time or another. You can visit the Cat Channel for advice on behavioral problems, funny stories or cute video's. The Cat channel recommends trying to take away any toy that is similar to a cord, while also being careful to replace your cats point of entertainment with other toys.


This is similar to how I managed to eventually rid my cat from cord chewing. First off I threw away all of those cord like toys, you know the famous overpriced fishing pole toys and replaced them with mice, balls, crunchy toys basically anything other than string based toys. Following my toy removal I tied together any loose hanging cords with plastic ties. This didn't immediately stop my cats cord chewing, though it did slow it down and with time it did completely stop.