The Long Forgotten Tasmanian Wolf

The Long Forgotten Tasmanian Wolf

Human interaction Led to the Demise of this Incredible Animal

The Tasmanian Wolf, often referred to as the Tasmanian Tiger was an incredible animal that died off at the hands of humans. Like many other animals that have become extinct through human hands, the Tasmanian Wolf carries a sad tale. This animal was unique with beautiful markings yet also massive.

The Tasmanian wolf lived in Australia and New Guinea and had lived in its land freely up until the early 1800’s when English settlers began to bring sheep into their lands. It was at this time that a bounty was placed on the Tasmanian Wolf and a decline in population had begun. As more and more Tasmanian Wolfs disappeared people slowly began to see the wonder of this amazing animal that has an elongated mouth like a canine, striping like a tiger and a pouch like a kangaroo. The Tasmanian Wolf had a short height yet long body. It could be as tall as 2 feet and could be over twice as long averaging between 4 and 5 feet.


The bounty was removed from the Tasmanian Wolf’s head yet it was too little too late, the damage was already done. As people began to realize that this animal was endangered and soon to become extinct zoos across the world sought out the Tasmanian Wolf. The final Tasmanian died in 1936 in the Hobart zoo.

To this day people occasionally claim to see the Tasmanian Wolf. Though a single picture has never been taken and therefore an actual sighting can’t be confirmed. The Tasmanian Wolf remains forever on the extinct animal list.