Hysterical woman in the woods?

Hysterical woman in the woods?

Obviously, it's just an owl...

When it comes to creepy sounds, I think I am a bit of an expert—not because I can identify any animal sound I hear, but because I hear scary noises all. Of. The. Time. Whether it’s unidentified voices, shrieking, furniture moving, scuffling in the attic (or basement), or something deep in the woods longing to crunch my bones, I’ve heard it. I can’t guarantee if any of these sounds are real or if they were heard during my frequent bouts of sleeplessness, but I do hear them.

So a few weeks ago when I heard the strange woman shrieking in the woods over and over again—a few nights in a row, I might add—I just chalked it up to either A. my tired and overactive mind again or B. one of the many creepy things that linger around in the world, like zombies and banshees and so forth. But when my husband, home from work that night and up with me, commented that he’d heard something weird in the woods, my eyes went wide. It was something real!I made him venture out to see who/what it was, naturally.

It turns out that we had an owl nesting in the back, and the shrieking was her way of keeping whatever was bothering her nest away. We could see her hopping around the tree on the ground, circling the tree her nest was in and screaming. Since it was on the ground, I wondered if it was a snake after her eggs that she was scaring off—though it really could have been just about anything. We did have a snake take out a nest in one of our bird houses once (up a tree as well), so it was definitely possible.

What was bothering it, we never saw—but she must have kept the bullies at bay with her screaming, since we haven’t heard it in a while. That, or whatever was stalking her ate her eggs, which would be a shame, since owls are nice to have around. They’re just about as helpful as bats, keeping pests away, eating bugs and mice, and generally being pretty while doing so. They’re almost like flying, outdoor cats. Sort of.

What’s the weirdest animal sound you’ve ever heard in your presences? Did you freak out like I did—or were you able to identify it and go to sleep?