Have an Emergency Kit

Have an Emergency Kit

When you have animals, chances are good that at some point, you will have a minor medical emergency.  Whether it be dogs who get in a fight and cut one another, or a more serious matter such as livestock stuck in a barbed wire fence, being prepared can make all the difference in the health and recovery of your animal.

There are basic things every kit should have, no matter what kind of animal you care for.  Wound care supplies such as blood stop powder, healing ointment, gauze, bandages and vet wrap should be a part of every household.  For that matter, you should have just those ingredients for your own first aid kit as well.

In addition to wound care items, you should keep on hand things that can help with illnesses, such as Pepto Bismol for upset stomachs, inactive carbon for poison ingestion and an approved pain relief medication for your type of animals.

If you breed animals, you will also need a birthing kit to help with any labor emergencies.

Your first aid kit should be easily accessible but kept in a climate controlled area, such as in the house. Don’t leave a livestock kit in the barn because many medicines will not fare well with the greater temperature fluctuations.

Even if you cannot afford to get everything in your kit at once, start now to get a few supplies until you have built up a decent first aid kit to handle minor animal emergencies.  You can stabilize a sick animal before taking it to the vet, and in some cases avoid a vet altogether if you have the proper supplies.