Forcing animals to smoke is pretty sicko stuff

Forcing animals to smoke is pretty sicko stuff

So what does that make our USDA?

Did you know that in order for something to qualify as a “low risk” item, the USDA asks manufacturers to verify said risk by animal testing? Given the number of studies conducted on animals that have yielded false positives (or negatives) and even resulted in death, I think we can all conclude that something’s reaction to a mouse or rabbit just isn’t the same as it is to a human. Yet, we keep testing.

Here’s a pretty sick test that’s being used by some testers right now: Tobacco companies want to force mice and rats to inhale smoke while stuck in small tubes for hours at a time—or even for the duration of their lives. Given how most of us know that smoking’s not healthy, shouldn’t we recognize that forcing animals to smoke is pretty unhealthy of us, too?

Perhaps it reveals just what kind of sick weirdoes we are. After all, a kid blows up a frog and we worry that he’ll be a serial killer; a kid grows up to blow up animals in a lab and it’s considered the scientific way.

I really think we can do better than this, people. There are so many more reliable and accurate alternatives to animal testing that it just makes us look stupid today. To ask the FDA to prevent these sick experiments, please click here.