The Best and Worst Gift

The Best and Worst Gift

pets may seem like a perfect gift but they in fact are not

This Holiday season like many Holiday season’s people are out shopping picking out their perfect gifts for everyone on their list. One gift that seems perfect that people are often tempted to purchase for Christmas morning is a cute little puppy or kitten. Believe me when I was little I would have done anything to get that gift, sadly it’s the worst gift you can ever give someone.

How can something so cute be so bad? There are a few reasons. To start with a pet should be picked out individually, they are after all individuals with their own personalities. For example we have two cats, Rusty and Tommy. Rusty is my cat and Tommy is my husband’s cat.

I love both cays equally, though I have more of a bond with Rusty and the same goes for the cats. Tommy is right at my husband’s side the entire time that he is home and Rusty follows me around all day talking away. So as you can see, pets really are a personal choice that each pet owner needs to pick out.

Pets are also a huge responsibility. Dogs need to be walked, cats need their litter box cleaned on a regular schedule. Both animals need to be fed and groomed. All of these responsibilities can be neglected if someone either isn’t ready for those responsibilities or just doesn’t have time.

One other reason to not buy a pet for gift is your own misconception. I love dogs and think they are cute and many of my friends and family members have seen me playing with other dogs at different times of my life.  At least 95% of them would swear that I love dogs and would probably love to have one.

 In truth I love to play with dogs that belong to others. I can’t stand that wet dog smell or dirty footprints on my floors. I don’t really care for drooling. Additionally I just don’t want the responsibility of having to walk a dog. So what many people think I would love to have, I would actually hate to have.

If you just know that someone wants a pet for Christmas, then give them a card and let them know inside the card that the following day they can go with you to pick out their new furry friend. It has to be a personal choice for the sake of the person and the animal.