Annoying Animal Sounds

Annoying Animal Sounds

Since I recently wrote about animal sounds that I like, I thought I would blog about animal sounds that are annoying. I like most animals, so I had to think a little bit about animal sounds that are annoying. Here's what I came up with:

1. Braying donkey

This can get really annoying. I worked at a wildlife park for about a year, and there was a herd of donkeys on the premises. One or two or more would start braying every morning. It grated on my nerves.

2. Bellering Cow

Unfortunately, I live across the road from a large animal vet. Most of the time he has 15 or 20 cows, bulls and calves in the lot next to his office. I have to put up with a cow bellering or even a bull at night. I have no idea what they are trying to convey, but it's disturbing to me.

3. Rooster

A rooster that crows endlessly all through the day and night is pretty darn annoying. This is especially true when all you want to do is get some sleep.

4. Guinea

This lovely little ground bird has the most annoying sound ever. I know a guy who has a whole flock that live on his farm. When he calls, all you hear in the background are guineas. Ugh.

5. Bullfrog

I'm kind of torn between this one. It is sort of a cool sound. Then, if you have to listen to it for awhile, it can get annoying.

6. Cricket

Technically, this isn't an animal. It's an insect. But, the sound it makes is definitely annoying. Probably everyone has had that experience where they are in a room trying to sleep and the incessant chirp of a cricket starts. Then you turn on the light and the chirping stops, but you can't locate the little guy. Not fun.

So, that's my list of annoying animal noises. What's yours?