Animals Inside Out Exhibit is certain to be a huge hit

Animals Inside Out Exhibit is certain to be a huge hit

From the makers of Body Worlds comes another body exploration exhibit


The Body Worlds exhibitions have brought in one crowd after another for many years seeking knowledge and visual stimulation. They arrive with curiosity and interest to view the human body in its most naked form. The question is will the new Animal Inside Out exhibit bring the same curiosity with the same numbers?

I can see a large percentage of people wanting to view the inner workings of common animals. I do however wonder if that type of exhibit would interest people who see all animals as being beneath them. It’ll be interesting to see what level of curiosity the Animals Inside Out Exhibit ignites. I will say that you can count me in; I will be there as soon as it makes it over toward my little part of the world.

I kind of doubt it will ever be here in my town, most likely I’ll need to drive down to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul). Certainly not a problem since it’s barely over two hours and there are so many places I’d absolutely love to be able to go to again. The dining alone would make the trip worth it so the added benefit of being able to spend some time at the Animals Inside Out Exhibit definitely makes it worth the trip.

The only downfall with the Animals Inside Out Exhibit that I can really see is that it’s slightly limited. That isn’t to say it’s not a large exhibit. There are plenty of animals that have been included from livestock to gorillas and even fish. With the large pool of animals available though, I can’t help but to wish that there were a few more.