Animal Sounds I Like

Animal Sounds I Like

If I had to make a list of animal sounds that I like, they would be the following:

1. Song bird's song

As I am writing this, I am serenaded by the beautiful sound of a song bird -- not sure which -- outside of my window. It's light, it's melodic (although somewhat repetitive) and it's pleasant. I could definitely listen all day.

2. Cat's purr

Currently, I don't have any feline friends, but I did at one time. I love to hear a cat purr. It's a sound that, more often than not, shows their contentment.

3. Woodpecker's Work

Now this may sound strange, but I think it's really cool to sit in a forest and listen to a woodpecker working on a tree. The rat-a-tat-tat of its beak against the wood resounds through the trees.

4. Dog's tail wagging

While you can't actually hear a dog's tail wagging, you can hear it if it thumps on the floor or against something. I like this sound. It tells me that my dog is happy.

5. Horse galloping

In the same way that I like the stacatto beat of the woodpecker's beak, I also like the sound of horse's hooves galloping.


Now, none of these sounds are the type of sounds that I'd want to listen to 24/7 -- with the exception of a bird's song. Even that's iffy, now that I think about it. That could get old after a while. Yet, I am glad to hear these sounds on occasion.