Animal Hoarding on the Rise

Animal Hoarding on the Rise

"Many animals that have been rescued have been found to have infections from injuries that have remained untreated"

97 animals rescued, 150 cats found some dead others sick, 34 dogs confiscated; these are common headlines that you have probably read numerous times. Often the rescued animals are able to be nurtured back to good health and adopted out, unfortunately more often than not they don't make it. Like me you're probably often left wondering why and how people manage to get in a position to make these animals suffer.

Animal hoarders in general are loving people who just want to help, sadly they don't realize that by helping they're actually hurting in more ways than one. Animals that are kept in hoarding conditions are often malnourished, some even on the brink of starvation.  Many animals that have been rescued have been found to have infections from injuries that have remained untreated; often a result of being unable to afford treatment or in some cases the owners are unaware of the injury. Some animals have been known to develop behavior problems; a result of overcrowded conditions and lack of human companionship. 

Since most hoarders are unable to help themselves, it's important that you know what to do if you come across a neighbor that may be in jeopardy. the best thing you can do is to notify your local humane society that you suspect someone of animal hoarding. This is often not done until it's too late; most people don't make that call because they feel they're interfering or alienating the animal owners. In actuality, it helps when they have somewhere other than their homes to send their beloved pets. It helps the person and immensely helps the dogs and cats.

Do you believe that animal hoarding is cruel and should be considered a crime? Do you know of anyone in your neighborhood who has been animal hoarding? Is the cat lady down the street an animal hoarder? Please share your stories or thought of animal hoarding.